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Service area: Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Rescue, and Shingle Springs. 

Service Area

Good Vibes specializes in Top-Notch weekly pool services. We use superior chemicals and LSI techniques for a crystal clear pool. We use new technologies to make everything easy for our customers. We send weekly email updates through our pool service app with pictures and notes. Customers can reply with one click for easy communication. In addition we are completely paperless and accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and have auto pay for convenience. Good Vibes is an owner operated business so you can rest assured that you’ll have the same friendly pool guy in your yard every week. We would love to add you to our Good Vibes family. 

Levels of weekly Services

Great Deal
Chem Only
Starting at
per month
$85 per month: Test water weekly, test Chlorine, PH, Calcium, Alkalinity, Stabilizer & add chemicals as needed. Check pool equipment for issues. Email weekly report through pool service app with pictures and notes. One click reply for easy communication.
Most Popular
Chem, Basket
Starting at
per month
SUMMER SPECIAL: ONLY $99 PER MONTH!! All Chem Only Tasks: + empty skimmer baskets, pump basket (as needed), and pool sweep bag.
2nd Most Popular
Starting at
per month
SUMMER SPECIAL: ONLY $115 PER MONTH!! All Chem Basket Brush Tasks: + brush all horizontal surfaces, steps and seats
The Works
Full Service
Starting at
per month
$175 PER MONTH. All Basket Brush Tasks: + Skim top of water, brush walls, brush tile, and vacuum bottom (as needed, 1 time per month).

Other Services

Good Vibes Terms & Conditions 

Good Vibes is not responsible for: maintaining water levels in pools & spas (we will notify the customer if water levels are low). Taking off pool covers or damage to them if we do (we don’t remove manual pool covers), cleaning and/or removal of oil, scum, mineral deposits on tile or pool finish, lost animals, clean-up of excess debris due to nature or vandalism, 

Weather, Holidays, & Vacation: when raining we will only do chemicals & empty skimmer baskets. we do not service on major holidays, customer gets 48 services a year, We take 4 weeks vacation a year, We take one week vacation in Oct, Nov, Dec, & Feb. When we take vacation customers are responsible for putting chemicals in pool, we will leave extra chemicals at the account and text or email instructions for the customer. 

Gates & Dogs: Customer is responsible keeping gates in working order & unlocked. We love friendly dogs but all aggressive dogs should be secured ( if we can’t access your yard due to a broken gate, locked gate, or aggressive dog, we will skip your service that week with no refund or discounted rate) 

Spring Conditioning: there is a $60 conditioner fee in January for chemical replacement & adjustments due to rain & organics incurred during winter months.

Pool RX: there is a $90 PoolRX fee in January. We will install Pool RX to Prevent Algae during the Swimming Season. We will not service pools without PoolRX during the swim season (June-Sept).

Filters: we will clean your filters 2 times a year at the rate of $90 per cleaning or $15 per month.

Salt Pools: we salt pools in the spring after your filter is cleaned at a rate of $20 per bag brushed in. If customer buys their own salt we will brush it in at a rate or $7 per bag.

Service Frequency– We do weekly services only, we don’t do Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks) services. 

Billing: Bill on the 5th of the service month, bills due by the 20th, $25 late fee, $25 return check fee

Service agreements are contingent upon customer keeping the pool support equipment in working condition and having no leaks in pool. All pools must have a pool sweep to clean bottom of pool. Equipment Repairs and programming systems are not apart of weekly services but can be done for an extra charge.